Friday, September 11, 2009


It was dark and silent when I woke up. I wasn’t able to see the clock and I hadn’t any of my electronic devices that I usually collect before I depart for bed. Actually I had awoken from a nap; something that turned to such after the silent claws of sleep rendered me lying down from an exhausting day at the doctor’s office.

It was quiet and it felt late; though my sickness infested head has no sense of time. I heard no voices through-out the house and dreaded a wide night alone with my parents sleeping. The bathroom light switched on and glowed through the crack of my door and spilled into my room, and I felt relieved, but I was still unwilling to move.

So it was silent me and the lights all around penetrating the transparent spaces around my room. Minutes passed as I pondered and daydreamed, half asleep. Bored and curious of the time, I found the energy to slowly get up from bed and leave the unexpectedly cold room, to meet my mother within the lights downstairs.

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