Sunday, September 13, 2009

You lie! (Before The Evening Rain)

Today I was confronted with,
Before the evening rain,
Cheats and lies and alcohol
That stuff she had forgot –
Before the evening rain.

The arsonist had set ablaze
Before the evening rain,
Hope and love and happiness
And seemingly her sanity,
Before the evening rain.

The apt blackcoat had sacrificed
Before the evening rain,
Her judgment, sense and reason
For happiness and comfort
Before the evening rain.

Now I hear the evening rain
And damage hath been done,
I shall stay at home to-night,
So thankfully detached,
And she'll intend to find -
The finite woe of honesty
Or endless rue of lies.

Friday, September 11, 2009


It was dark and silent when I woke up. I wasn’t able to see the clock and I hadn’t any of my electronic devices that I usually collect before I depart for bed. Actually I had awoken from a nap; something that turned to such after the silent claws of sleep rendered me lying down from an exhausting day at the doctor’s office.

It was quiet and it felt late; though my sickness infested head has no sense of time. I heard no voices through-out the house and dreaded a wide night alone with my parents sleeping. The bathroom light switched on and glowed through the crack of my door and spilled into my room, and I felt relieved, but I was still unwilling to move.

So it was silent me and the lights all around penetrating the transparent spaces around my room. Minutes passed as I pondered and daydreamed, half asleep. Bored and curious of the time, I found the energy to slowly get up from bed and leave the unexpectedly cold room, to meet my mother within the lights downstairs.